Double Spring Change in Burnaby

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Double Spring Change in Burnaby

Single Spring Change

You can see in the picture there is a single spring with a gap in the middle portion of the right spring. This spring is broken! If you see a spring on your garage door that looks like this then you have to have it repaired before more damage is sustained to your door from accidental motor lifts. The spring is crucial for your door to open properly. Call us at: 604-940-8918 and we can arrange for a technician to repair your garage door.

Hinge that is missing a nut.

Hinge that has a nut that has vibrated off. Any hinges that are missing parts will be easy to spot, they will be the more noisy then other hinges as there will be play in the way they are seating.

hinge that is missing nut in burnaby

Hinge that has no nut fastening the hinge tight against the door. You can see the installer has added washers to the hinges to add extra balanced fastening strength to the hinge.

Nut on garage door hinge that is about to fall off in burnaby

Loose nut on another hinge. These loose parts are common on a door that has not see maintence in a a couple seasons. The wood doors are famous for parts to loosen over time as the door will contract and expand with the moisture in the air. During the summer / hot season the door will contract and the metal parts will stay in their winter positions. Or worse off they will fall right off, like in the last picture.

Hinge that requires maintence. Loose nuts.

Before hinges are tightened down by technician. Once the door has tight hinges the door will operate in a more smoother fashion. When a hinge is loose and the door opens and closes the hinge will take some forces from the track radius that can cause unwanted noise.

Nuts that have been properly tightended to garage door.

After nuts on hinge have been properly tightened down.

Final view of double spring change.

View of double spring change. You can see the springs are black in color, these usually will indicate that the springs have been changed from the original ones that were issues by the manufacture.

After Hinge has tightened down nuts.

Belt trolley T-Bar that is requiring grease. You can see the tiny scratchs / worn marks that run along the length of the T-Bar. The trolley travels along the T-Bar during every lift / close of the door. Once the T-Bar sees grease the operation of the motor will sound like it is brand new again. Everything that is tight loves a bit of grease.

After grease has been applied along trolleys travel area. A grease packet comes with new garage door motors. Every couple years you should have a technician examine your door / garage door motor and assure that everything is in proper alignment / lubricated.


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