Door Hit in North Delta Requiring Garage Door Replacement

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Door Hit in North Delta Requiring Garage Door Replacement

View of spring after door was hit, you can see the cables are wrapped around the torsion bar. This is a sign that your door will not lift. This is a serious issue and needs to be resolved. There is no hope for the door to lift by the motor without repair work. In this situation the door was fully removed and dismantled vs repaired.

Non insulated steel door with door section damage

The garage door section that recieved the brunt of the damage. This kind of damage is impossible to restore back to the original shape. The quality of door is very poor so the metal is lightweight.

After short panel sections have been installed in north delta

After new garage door sections have been installed. This garage door is a upgrade from the hit one that was replaced. This new door has insulation and will provide the homeowner with a greater weather protection. The door is more rigid and traveled with a smoother opening and closing then the previous door.

before 9x7 door replacement from vehicle hit

Non Insulated garage door that was hit by the homeowner. You can see the bottom of the section has a tear and crinkle. The new door is a complete new assembly. You can see the original door has a Sandstone color, the new door is white that will be painted by the maintence crew of the strata.

bottom fixture rubbing from cable

Bottom fixture with cable rubbing on the edge of the fixture. This is a start of an issue that can be a problem, you can see the wearing away of the fixture. We have seen bottom fixture split fully in half from the constant rubbing.

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