Water Damage in Vancouver Townhouse Destroys Drywall Around Garage

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Water Damage in Vancouver Townhouse Destroys Drywall Around Garage Door And Assembly

Fasteners applied to the loose hanger that was coming out of the ceiling. This hanger is now secure and will not fall down.

misalignment of garage door operator

View showing the misalignment of the garage door operator. This operator needs to mounted a couple inches to the left for the motor to be in the middle of the garage door.

Photo eye sensor replacement from water damage.

Reinstall of Safety Sensor due to the water damage established a working garage door motor without having to hold the wall button until the door closes. This technique of holding the wall button will override any safety sensors and should only be used when the operator (user of the motor) is able to assure that nobody is in the area of the door.

Off alignment of garage door motor

View of Garage door motor that has been mounted in the wrong position.

Alignment of garage door motor hanging from the ceiling

After realignment of motor has been adjusted. You can see the string is now hanging inline with the pickup arm. This assure that the door will rise and lower straight without the motor pushing on a angle.

Old Safety sensor that sustained water damage, the sensor is damaged and will need to be replaced.

Old Safety Sensors with wiring issues. The drywaller choose to wrap the wires in tape and slide them behind the wall. This type of wire is against building code to be behind drywall. It is essential to have a double shielding wire that is fastened behind any drywall.

Roller that has seen the end of it's life. View of garage door roller that is damaged and needs replacement to bring the garage door back to smooth operation.

Bad Roller that needed replacement, you can see the roller’s angle in the track. A roller that is damaged will make a sound like you are in a underground mine on a rickety old train track. You hear this Click click click click sound that can sound normal but it isn’t.

garage door track that requires more tightening against drywall

Fastener that holds the garage door against the wall requires tightening and fresh longer lags.

Garage door requiring backhang reenforcement

Essential Garage door hangers that are coming out of ceiling. You can see the garage door is just barley hanging on. The garage door is in the midst of a possible collapse on someone / vehicle.

garage door hanger loose from ceiling requiring immediate repair

Hanger that requires fastening. You can see the lag has let go from the ceiling. This is a serious issue. If you see that your garage door has loose parts that don’t look normal. Please call us so we can repair your garage door before someone gets hurt. Call: 604-940-8918

wire that is coming out of drywall that does not have double shielding.

Safety Photo Eye Sensor Wire that is poking through the drywall, that is not to code. The drywall installer during the water damage restoration didn’t know that the wiring that goes behind the drywall requires to be double shielded. This is a issue that requires resolving.

Drywall repair issue in vancouver.

Drywall install that is on the verge of being a issue. This last bit of drywall should be fastened tighter against the wall. The technician advised the restoration crew of this defect in their work and hopefully the homeowner will not find this to be a issue.

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