Ground Fault Interrupt Caused Garage Door to Fail

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Ground Fault Interrupt Caused Garage Door to Fail

view of the GFI that has been reset. The indicator light is now glowing.

Ground fault that has been reset and has now allowed the garage door to be powered up.

View of GFI that has been tripped from a overload.

Upon arrival the technician discovered GFI tripped from water being dripped onto the power bar that is connected to the bottom plug. This GFI plug seperates the garage power from the house. The owner didn’t realize that this GFI plug was the cause and will now remote any compromising devices.

View of the mess that caused the garage door to not work. This power bar that is in view was being rained on as you can see from the shiny surfaces. The edge of the house didn’t cover the electrical power bar properly.

Power-bar showing light that is now on. At first inspection the whole power bar was not electrified. Owner was advised to remove any components that are near the water or rain. This will elevate the issue form occurring in the future.

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