Garage Door Torque Tube Conversion

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Garage Door Torque Tube Conversion

View of the broken torque tube assembly. This assembly will be fully removed and replaced with a standard lift assembly.

View of torque tube drum that is responsible for the winding of the cable as the door lifts and lowers. You can see that the cables are all twisted and jammed up around the assembly. This issue is of course a serious one that needs to be repaired. The spring in the torque tube has broke an caused the door to not be operational.

View of the torque tube assembly that has a broken spring and has caused wall damage from the whipping of the cables. This assembly is an inexpensive option for when money is minimal.

View of a torque tube assembly center bearing bracket.

Pickup assembly that has been re-enforced in the past. This view is showing the center area of the spring assembly that will be altered with the new standard system.

View of the new spring assembly that has been changed. You can see the new system has exposed springs that are much easier to determine when there is a problem with the mechanics of the door.

View of the left drum assembly that has been changed into a standard lift system.

View of the new springs that have been installed and will now lift the door with new lifting methods. This new assembly is a much easier system to fix and cost effective in replacement of parts.

Right drum that is now a standard lift system, you can see the silvery colored cables that of much greater cable thickness than the last ones that came with the door. This new assembly is a much more heartier of a system than the torque tube assembly. Call us to get your torque tube assembly changed into a new lift system that will be more cost effective.


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