Ancient Sears Garage Door Opener Replaced with LiftMaster Belt Drive Operator

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Sears Garage Door Opener Replaced with LiftMaster Belt Drive Operator

View of the inside of the sears operator

Inside the Sears Garage Door Operator. You can see the inner workings of the operator, in which the technician was able to determine that the logic board had soldier issues with the components.

View of two button wall button control station.

You can see his old wall control station. This ancient wall control had a two button safety system where the operator of the garage door had to actually press both buttons at the same time to open or close the door.

View of the new LiftMaster control panel. This control panel is brand new and only requires one button to press.

You can see that the old wall station has been removed and this wall button is of a modern nature. This LiftMaster control panel has features that the older wall station was not able to do.

View of track that does not have a safety sensor

View of the track that does not have a photo sensor.

View of the new safety sensor that has just been installed.

Track that has a new photo eye sensor, this sensor is standard when it comes to a operator that has been installed since 1994.

LiftMaster installed in replacement for the Sears operator. This garage door operator has WiFi features that will allow the door to open remotely from any location in the world with your phone.

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