Richmond Single Spring Change

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Richmond Single Spring Change

This view is of the new hinge that was installed after the old hinge couldn’t last the test of time.

This hinge has been damaged and needs to be repaired. This hinge has seen better days. The roller has fell out and landed on the ground. A hinge with no roller will make the door travel in a jerky motion.

Repaired spring. This yellow spring is a .207 wire that is quite common on Non insulated doors or just doors that are of a very light nature.

view of a broken garage door spring

Broken spring that has caused the garage door not to open. This is hard to see if you are not aware of the issue. This spring is the main lifting horse of your garage door assembly that is vital to have in working order. If you try to operate your door with a broken spring then you are running the risk of putting undue stress on your garage door operator.

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