Garage Door Repair / General Service Vancouver

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Garage Door Repair / General Service Vancouver

Gap on the bottom of the door showing the bottom seal that has been squished over the years. This gap will be sealed once the new bottom seal is placed on the door.

Bottom fixture that has a bent stem channel. You can see that there is a bit of binding that can occur when there is a bent.

bottom fixture that has been repaired. The bottom fixture has been repaired and re-bent into position. This roller was getting pinched along the stem.

Bearing plate that has been fastened on a angle. This fastener has been lagged onto the wall at a angle. This lag should of been fastened in straight into the wall to assure that the connection is secure.

After the lag has been adjusted to the wall properly. You can see that the lag has a true connection

You can see that the top strut has a loose fastener. This loose fastener is quite crucial for a smooth sounding garage door. This little fastener will make the strut not make a awful sound as the door moves.

You will see the top O&E kit (low over head) has a new long stem roller. Upon first examination of the garage door the top fixture had a roller that was out of the channel. This roller with the longer stem will assure that the homeowner will not have any rollers that slide out of the track.

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