Broken spring replaced in richmond

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Broken spring replaced in Richmond

A Broken spring replaced in Richmond was needed for this service call. You can see in the photo’s how in one the spring is broken and in the other it is not. These are called lifting springs and balance the weight of the door. When one is broken there is nothing to help lift the door, therefore, it will not open as now there will be the full dead weight of the door.

Broken spring replaced in richmond

Here is the broken spring replaced in Richmond. If you have a single garage door and it is no more than 8 feet in width a single spring is required. If you have a double length garage door more than 8 feet it requires two springs to carry the weight. Lift springs for a garage door last an average of ten thousand cycles which should last an average of 6- 7 years. One spring cycle is every time you open your open your garage door.  Below we have also provided a couple of links for you. One is a blog of ours about double spring changes which you may find helpful if you are needing one. The other is a link providing the signs of a broken spring.

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