Old Limit Module Wire Chipped Away Idler Pulley and Motor Binded Operator

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Old Limit Module Wire Chipped Away Idler Pulley and Motor Binded Operator in Delta Ladner Area


View of limit module with bent contact arms. This will causes the garage door operator to not move the door properly.

Limit Module with bent contact arms from motor over traveling in the unit. This module is the original one which was manufactured in 2004. This module ended up having more issues that are not visible.

View of damanged wire that needs to be connected for the motor to properly sense where the door is travelling to and from.

Limit module with old wires that you can see is broken and areas on the gray wire that are cracked and about to break. This wire / harness was replaced with a fresh wire connection.

View of repaired limit module. This will let the door travel up and down properly.

Repaired limit module with fresh wire and contact arms. You can see the color of the contact arms that are a brass color vs the shiny silver color. You can also see the gray wire that now has a wire nut (marret) connecting the broken connection together.

View of damaged idler pulley.

Idler pulley that has been hit repeadily from the traveller. This plastic idler pulley is a original one and should be replaced if any more damage is occured.

View of gear now created from a heavy door that shredded the internal gear.

Gear kit that has nylon gear snow piled up. This type of repair will not require a snow shovel; just a trained technician to replaced the gear that has lived past it’s life. This damage is caused from a heavy door that caused pressure on the internal gear. This gear is replaceable. Please call us at: 604-940-8918 and we can book you a service call at your convenience.


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