End Bearing Plate Fastened With Track Bolts Caused Garage Door to Scream in Burnaby

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Loud Garage Door with Track Bolts Pinch End Bearing Plate


View of a repairs completed on end bearing plate that now has proper fasteners

After Repairs are completed you can see that there are proper heads on the fasteners that keep the end bearing plates from slipping. The Track bolts did not hold the end bearing plates securely for the lifetime of the garage door. This issue looks like it has been occurring for a long time without anyone detecting the issue.

View of corrected drum's position on the track support bracket.

Wear marks are visible on the right side of the image on the edge of the cable. This drum has been shaved from the tight position of the drum. This problem is now fixed.

Close in view of the scoring from the bad position of the bearing plate.

view of end bearing plate that has been fastened with bad fasteners that couldn't stand the test of time.

First view of the issue from a bearing plate that has slid into a bad position. You can see the metal debris that has picked up from the garage door being used for years with parts in a bad position.

View of damaged drum from bad positioning of the drum.

Close view of the kind of shavings that have collected during the years of use. If this was not caught in time then the cables would of been worn away and something catastrophic may have happened.

Another view of the bad position of the drum. You can see the position is not corrected yet. If you detect that your garage door has some excess sounds.


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