Double Spring Change in Surrey

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Double Spring Change in Surrey

View of broken spring that has made the garage door in-operatable

Before the spring change has been completed. You can see the spring has a broken segment that is quite visible once you know what you are looking for. With a trained eye you can see that the garage door was never installed with a middle bearing. This can be a serious issue.  Please call us at: 604-940-8918

View of double springs that are about to be changed.

View of broken springs and a bent top strutt that changes the way the door operates.

View of loose hinge from wood letting the fastner go from swelling and drying due to season changes.

Hinge that has a loose fastener from under maintence, a wooden stile has let the fastener loosen up from the climate changing. Wood will swell and then dry out from the sunlight / heat. The wood will dry out and the fasteners may appear as if they have loosened. These fasteners are common to have loosen from these factors.

View of fastener that has let go from the end stile.

Top Strutt has released from end stile that need to be reattached for the door to have it’s rigidity returned. During the lifting and lowering of the garage door this strutt will cause a issue. Please call us at: 604-940-8918 and we can discuss any garage door repair questions you have.

view of torsion bar that is scored from installation of middle bearing.

Middle bearing plate that has scored the torsion bar. The original springs didn’t have a middle bearing and caused this type of grinding. This type of damage can be quite serious if it isn’t caught early as it is quite hard to detect. The springs have to be properly mounted with a middle bearing for the bar to last the lifetime of your garage door.

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