Custom Wood Bottom Section Replacement in Delta

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Custom Wood Bottom Section Replacement in Delta

Bottom Section Replacement with custom wood panel.

View of double spring change that has cables that are twisted around torsion bar.

9×7 Garage door that has cable that are not setup properly. This garage door will not open in the state that it currently is.

View of bottom section that has a temporary section in place.

Removal of bottom section that was temporally added while the custom wood bottom section has been in production at our custom wood manufacture.

Temporary bottom section that is inplace until the custom panel can be installed.

Custom bottom section that has been all prepped for install. You can see in the background the temporary bottom section has been removed. This custom wood bottom section is ready for install.

View of garage door panel that has been replaced from a vehicle hit.

Custom wood Bottom section that has been replaced. This is a custom section and has been hand built and will let the customer use his door again. This section had to be replaced because his vehicle hit the door accidentally as he was leaving his garage. The homeowner was forgetful about if the door was opening or already open. This mistake could of been worse luckily no major car damage occurred and especially nobody was hurt.

View of completed garage door with new bottom section.

After garage door was been finalized with new section and exterior layer attached. These doors are quite heavy with the extra layer of wood applied to the door face. The home owner is happy that he choose to repair the door instead of replacement.

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