LiftMaster Lightbulb Socket Requires Contact Cleaning on Tabs

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LiftMaster Lightbulb Socket Requires Contact Tab Cleaning in Delta

Liftmaster lightcover in Delta that is Melted.

LiftMaster Garage Door Opener that has a faulty light bulb. You can see the melting of the light cover from a lightbulb that outputted some heavy wattage. This motor is over 20 years old and in the time LED lightbulbs where not popular. This melting is more rare in modern garage door motors. Do not worry about your motor’s light cover, just get some LED lightbulbs to assure a cold light is generated.


Lightbulb repair that has been fixed.

Garage Door Motor that has lightbulb fixed. The homeowner will now enjoy having light in the garage once the door has been activated. This is a important part of the garage door motor. Once you enter the garage at night you will not have light in the garage until the garage door opener is activated. The light will turn off in 5 minutes after activation.



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