Delta Strata Complex with Broken Wayne Dalton Garage Door Springs

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Delta Strata Complex with Broken Garage Door Springs

View of two broken springs.

You can see two broken springs. These springs definitely need to be replaced. If you see that your springs look like this don’t activate your garage door motor as it could cause further damage. Call us at 604-940-8918 and let us take care of it.

The homeowner was very happy with the repair to his Wayne Dalton garage door. Especially with the new springs that will allow them to leave the house without worry.

This view shows two yellow springs on a semi-insulated door Wayne Dalton garage door.

The pictures above and below shows the spring after it has been replaced and the door has been balanced correctly. With closer inspection you can see there is colour markings on the spring which indicates the coil size of the spring.

View of a loose fastener on Wayne Dalton garage door in Delta.

In this picture, you can see a #2 hinge with a loose fastener that should be tightened. When the fastener is tightened, you will have a smoother and quieter lift and lowering of the door.

View of repaired hinge with extra fastener applied on Wayne Dalton garage door in Delta.

Here you can see the technician has added a fastener to the hinge which will assure the noise will not reoccur.


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