Garage Door Won’t Close Safety Sensor Wiring Issue

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Garage Door Won’t Close Safety Sensor Wiring Issue

view of garage door operator wiring that is imporper

You can see the wiring that has caused the issue. When this motor was installed the installer did not properly strip the wires properly. This resulted in a compromised safety system that failed 2 years after install.

Nice picture showing the awful wire configuration that our technician had to redo. This discovery was well received as this issue of the door not operating properly is now resolved. As the wiring was determined as the issue of the problem.

In the midst of rewiring the operator. You can see the broken wire and the scattered mess that was present.

You can see our technician “Lenn”‘ has properly adjusted the wiring. You can see the wire is now proper size with the label under-neigh showing the suggested length for proper operation.

After all the wiring is now completed and the operator is now working as the manufacturer designed it too. If you find that you need someone to help fix your garage door don’t hesitate to call us at: 604-940-8918

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