Stanley Garage Door Motor Unsecured from Ceiling in Delta

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Stanley Garage Door Motor Unsecured from Ceiling in Delta

Stanley Garage Motor about to fall from ceiling. The customer tried to open their garage door and without any warning the motor separated from the trolley end attachment. This resulted in a garage door motor that became dangerously close to falling on a car. The picture doesn’t show it but upon arrival the main trolley was directly below the motor about one foot from the ground. If you see a garage door that is unsafe please make sure you call us at: 604-890-8918

View of motor after trolley was lifted off the ground into a position so that the door could be manually lifted and repairs started. This is a serious issue.

Wall button gets replaced from a door bell type momentary button to a control panel. The new wall button has advanced features that offers the homeowners a Lock / Learn / Light and Open/Close activation options.

Bottom of door that does not have photo eye safety sensors. This wood door is over 25 years old and the operator is the same age. Ideally the door and motor could of been replaced at the same time. We have decided to just upgrade the motor at the owners request. We will work on the door next. Call us if you want to have a new door or garage door service. 604-890-8918

Old pickup arm from the Stanley Operator that has a compatible assembly as the LiftMaster Garage Door Motors have

New LiftMaster that has just been installed. This is a ideal replacement for the Stanley motor. This model of LiftMaster is the chain drive model 8165. This model as you can see in the picture does have WiFi and is available for remote opening and slowing of the door.

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