Two Single Spring Changes in White Rock

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Two Single Spring Changes in White Rock

View a Single spring that is about to break. The original spring that is over 12 years old. This spring has seen almost 10,000 lifts. The customer has chosen to replace it before a potential accident arises. If you think that your spring is about to break call us and we can schedule a replacement time. Call us at: 604-890-8918

View of both springs before they are replaced. You can see that both doors only have one spring each.

Pickup arm that is not properly setup. You can see the length and angle of the pickup arm. This is not proper. The angle should not be so acute.

Final view of the garage door springs that are both replaced. You can see the pickup arms have been adjusted as well.

Nice zoomed up view of the spring change. You can see the oil that is on the spring; conditioning it for the long haul. This oil is applied after it is installed to ensure a smooth and quiet operation.

View of single spring change. Both the customers doors are identical so both springs were the same to install and configure.

You can see the garage door’s are not sitting 100% squarely on the floor. This is caused from the extreme sloping of the concrete poured floor. The light can be avoided with the attachment of brush seal, and this is the solution for issues like this. Call us at: 604-890-8918 and we can figure out a solution for your garage door.

Garage door spring zoom in view of the set screw. The technician seen a manufacturing discrepancy on the spring that is not normal. You can see the slight offset of the set screw. This is not a issue that should be of any concern. These set screws are red because you should not try to change or adjust them. Anything that is painted red is a alarm telling you that you should stop and let someone with the knowledge and skills to make the changes.

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