Insulated Steel Door In Ladner

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Therma Tech T128 Garage Door In Ladner with Glass Windows

With this install we removed our customers previous garage door and installed a 16  x 8 T128 Insulated Steel Door in a sandstone color. Our customer also ordered a Stockton Glass top section which was a very nice finishing look to the garage door.  The door that was installed came with  2″ Standard Lift Hardware.  During the install the bottom section had to be “Scribed”, which means the bottom panel has to be cut to perfectly match the ground because the ground was sloped and uneven.  Once we had the door leveled with the ground a general service was performed on the garage door and opener, making sure that the door is properly balanced and aligned in the track.  The job is always finished with a through testing of all the safety features.



Wood Door before removal in Ladner - Non Insulated Steel Door

Before Removal of Wood Door – Non Insulated Steel Door

Therma Tech t128 Insulated Steel Door

After Installation of Insulated Steel Door

Therma Tech – Richmond Install – 2016

Therma Tech – Surrey Install – 2017

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