Modern Classic Garage Door Installation Tsawassen with Satin Etch Glass

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Modern Classic Garage Door Installation in Tsawassen with Etch Glass

With this install we removed our customers previous garage doors and replaced them with two Modern Classic Fullview Aluminum  Doors with satin etch glass. Our customer also chose to have the satin etched glass ordered with the door.  The windows provide privacy which doesn’t allow someone to see a clearly in.  There are a few possible glass options with the most popular being the Satin Etch Glass.  The other options for the glass are Clear, Obscure and Grey Tinted. With this garage door our customer also chose to upgrade their automatic door openers to the LiftMaster™ Model # 8355 Belt Drive.  The operator/opener was ordered with two remotes and a wireless digital entry (LiftMaster™ Model # 877). Once we had the garage doors installed, we programed our customer with their garage door remotes and digital entry instructions while finishing the job.  We finished the job with through testing of the safety system and making sure the new doors were balanced and aligned accordingly.


Before Installation

After Modern Classic

After Modern Classic Installation

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