North Delta Single Spring Change

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North Delta Single Spring Change and Bottom Fixture Replacement

View of broken garage door spring.

You can see in this picture the single spring is broken and in need of immediate repair before more damage occurs.

North Delta Garage door with broken spring.

If this looks like the spring in your garage, call us now at 604-940-8918 and schedule your appointment today!

View of rusted bottom fixture pin.

The picture above and below are showing some serious rust damage to the pin on the bottom fixture. The rusting on this pin creates critical safety issues for homeowners, which is always foremost on our technicians list of priorities.

View of new bottom fixture that was changed.

Here you can see the new bottom fixture that was replaced. Changing out the old rusted piece for a new one creates a much safer garage door for this homeowner.

View of gap in bottom seal of garage door.

This is a view of the bottom seal on the garage door. You can see the gap, which allows moisture, rodents and other debris into their garage. Remember that rusted bottom fixture pin? The moisture allowed in from the gap played a big part in creating that situation.

View of loose bottom seal on garage door in North Delta.

Here is a before and after look at the bottom seal. You can see in the after picture below our technician has refastened the bottom seal and has created a nice tight seal to prevent further damage to this homeowners garage door.

View of fastened bottom seal on garage door in North Delta.

After the spring change, replacement of the rusted bottom fixture and refastened bottom seal, our technician as always makes sure door is balanced, fastener is tightened and the safety system is tested.

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