Homeowners Car vs Insulated Garage Door

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Homeowners Car vs Insulated Garage Door

View of repaired insulated garage door.

After the repairs are completed. You can see that the door is much straighter then before. The homeowner forgot to hit the button to lift the door before driving into it.

After repairs. You can see that the strut has been unbent into a proper position and the door has been realigned how it was designed to be. This door runs nicely with the reinforcements that have been added.

Insulated steel garage door that has been hit from the outside, the door has been compromised. This door has been damaged almost beyond it’s integrity. Reinforcements are needed to keep this door in working order.

Bottom fixture has roller that has shifted out of the rollers barrel. This roller needs to be reattached to the fixture.

View of door that has been bent.

Garage door that has a 30 degree bend that has been hit.

View of strut that needs to be unbent and strengthened with extra metal.

Strut that is bent from the door being hit. You can see the bent in the strut that has matched the doors bended amount.

View of garaged door that has been hit from the outside from the homeowners car.

Door that has been hit from the outside. you can see the door has creased in the middle of the door. This door will need to be flexed / pushed back straight.

After door has been flexed back into position and reinforced with strut and punched angle as reinforcements

View of pushed in door from car that has hit the door from the outside.

View of garage door after the homeowners vehicle was driving into the garage door.

During repair. You can see the bottom retainer that holds the bottom seal onto the door has been flexed. This metal is made from aluminum. Before the retainer is reapplied it will need to be adjusted / unbent.


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