Garage Door Chain Drive Sprocket Sheered Off

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Garage Door Chain Drive Sprocket Sheered Off


You can see the chain sagging from the tilted sprocket stem that has worn away the sleeve that lets the sprocket rotate without any friction. This sprocket can show the wear and tear if you examine underneath the sprocket’s teeth, you will see a pilling of metal. The metal pilings are the result of metal grinding away from the weight of the door.

Excellent view of the grinding of the sleeve caused by the heavy door. This is a little hard to detect without a ladder, but if you see that your chain is sagging you may be expericing a sprocket / gear kit assembly that may be failing.

Green arrows showing the pilings of metal that have grinding off the sprockets sleeve.

After the new motor has been installed. You can see tat the chain drive is completely installed in replacement of the older motor. This new motor has WiFi so spending extra money on remotes is not a issue, the new motor will be able to be remotely opened from a Android / Iphone. Call us at: 604-940-8918

View of new control panel that has been replaced.

After new control panel has been installed you will see that the new wall button has a more modern look.

This top view of the garage door motor is what it looks like when the gear that drives your trolley is torn off. The top of the motor is peppered with metal grindings from he sleave breaking down from the heavy door.

You can see that the green arrow is pointing to the pile of shavings that is the aftermath of the damage.

View of cluttered photo safety area. Wood next to the sensor that don't need to be there.

After photo new photo eye has been installed. You can see that there is another senor next to the freshly installed sensor which is for the other door. You can see that there are wood pieces that are stacked near the sensors. This is not what you want, if you want your door to run smoothly without a problem. These pieces of wood can easily fall behind the track and cause a serious issue when the door tries to lower and is stopped by a piece of wood that is jammed.

View of garage door motor that has been lowered from the ceiling. This motor has been put out of commission, until the repairs are done.

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