Torque Tube Conversion Required in Surrey

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Torque Tube Conversion Required in Surrey

View of garage door drum that has been replaced from a plastic torque tube assembly.

You can see the shelf had to be trimmed so the cable drum would properly fit in the new assembly. This spring assembly will assure that the door will lift properly with the new spring assembly. You can see that the new system has more exposed parts that can easily repaired and inspected.

View of the garage door that has a torque tube assembly.

Before the torque tube conversion has been replaced. You can see that there is no exposed springs that can be inspected. The springs are responsible for lifting of the garage door, and if the springs are in working order then the motor will be responsible for lifting the weight difference.

View of the torque tube conversion that has not yet been repaired. You can also see the cable in the picture has no tension which is a good indication that the spring inside the tube is broken and is not working as it should.

View of right side of the garage door drum that will require replacement. The shelf that is currently in place will need to be adjusted so the new drum will rotate properly without any binding.

View of the springs that have been replaced with a traditional / standard assembly. The homeowner will notice a smoother lift and lowering motion with the different spring assembly.

View of the garage door springs that have been replaced. You can easily see the springs have been upgraded with a front torsion spring assembly that is a standard type.

View of the new spring assembly that has the new drums installed. You can see the new drum is of a metal nature vs plastic and is more easily repaired.

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