Single Spring Change with Spring Back Plate Repair Pitt Meadows

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Single Spring Change with Center Bearing Plate Repair Pitt Meadows

Single Spring that has failed. You can see the spring is separated with a gap near the base of the spring. This spring will need to be replaced. In his view you can also see the wood backing has dislodged from the concrete backing.

Spring assembly with Trolley assembly attached to a wood back-plate that has let go from the wall. This will need to be refastened to the wall to assure that the spring and motor will work properly.

After spring and mounting plate have been fastened back to the wall. A fresh spring is visible as well.

black mold growing on wood garage door.

This is a upsetting picture showing the heavy mold that is growing on the wood door. This black mold is quite dangerous and should be contained / sealed / cleaned asap to assure a safety home / garage area.

View showing how the trolley was mounted to the wall. You can also see the improper angle that this causes on the pickup arm. This angle during the pickup will cause unwanted sounds and pressure on the door that is not needed.


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