Double Spring Change in Delta

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Double Spring Change in Delta

Bent top fixture that occured during the operation of the wood door over the years. This bending can occur when there are loose fasteners, from the expansion of the wood during the season changes. Wood doors do have this common problem, where the hinges do loosen over time and parts can get flexed.the metal.

loose hinge fasteners that occur during the expansion of the door during wet seasons. This hinge will need to be tightened before the door is ran so that no more noise and wear and tear occur during the operation.

View of the springs that are broken that need to be replaced.

Double spring change that needs to be completed. before the spring change is done.

The flag assembly that needs to be fastened against the wall. This assembly was never fastened with long enough screw’s that would properly hold it to the wall. You can see the holes that are in the dry wall. But upon discovery the screws where just not long enough.

Photo eye wire that was installed behind the flag during the motor install. It seems the homeowner installed the motor after the flag (assembly bracket) pulled off the wall. The wire behind the bracket needs to be changed to assure a safe install.

After the flag was fastened to the wall properly. This assure that the spring will not pull the assembly off the wall and cause a injury to someone.

The pickup bracket that has been correctly mounted to the top section after it pulled away. The pulling way from the door is common when someone doesn’t notice the broken spring and attempts to raise the door.

After top fixture bracket as been repaired into proper alignment.

After double spring change has been changed. These two new springs are brand new and will last a minimum three years.

After hinge has been fastened properly. This will assure that the hinge isn’t making noise as it travels up and down in the track.

Photoeye that has been remounted on the track to allow the operator to not error out during the operation.

Top section that has been pulled out during the lifting of the door.

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