Vancouver Back Alley Garage Door Hit

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Vancouver Back Alley Garage Door Hit

You can see that this door has been hit from the outside and the seal seam has a crease in the section from the impact. The most concerning issue is the little bump of metal that causes the seam to contact flushing.

Before the sections have been fixed, rebent, altered back into a good seating.

view of the garage door that has been hit from the outside. This garage door doesn’t have insulation so any damage will stay visible. These non insulated steel garage doors are very similar to a aluminum pop can. Once a dent has occurred on the door it is hard to unbend the door back to original.

Before door has been molded back into position. This view shows the black seal that should seat nicely along the edge of the door to prevent moisture from creeping in.

Before the door has been rebent / flexed back into its near original form.

View of the garage door section that has been bent back into a near original position.

After technician (Lenn) bent the sections back into form. It does require a gentle handle when re-bending section after a door vs car situation.

External view of the garage door of where the door has been hit and repaired. You can see that the major sealing issue has been resolved. And this repair should assure that the door will seat nicely together when the door is closed.

After the door has been bent / shaped back into position.

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