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Costco Insulated Steel Garage Door Failed

During the installation of the CostCo garage door it seems that a setscrew didn’t get fastened down into the torsion bar properly.  You can see that the set screw key-way is visible.  But there are two set screw holes that can be over looked during the install.   These garage doors do not have a very common assembly that can throw off some installers.  The drum can easily loosen up and this is quite a serious issue.  You will need to have the drum

View of drum that has been properly adusted back into position.

Costco drum cable fastened properly as the set screws that held the drum properly on the torsion bar.

View of the failed part on the costco door. This coupler needs to be reattached togethe with better fasteners.

The cause of the failure. You can see the darkened hole mark on the right side of the torsion bar coupler. The screw has wiggled out and has caused the torsion bar to rotate. With the coupler loose the spring assembly freely pulled on the right side of the door. This connection needs to be fully attached together with no movement.

View of the missing part on the torsion bar. You can also see the darkened bar from the wiggling of the movement. This is a serious issue and needs to be resolved.

View of the torsion bar that needs to be repaired. You can see a good view of the fastener that needs to be replaced. Even the one that has screw still in it, has a issue. Both couplers

View of repaired torsion bar

After the repairs have been completed you can see the torsion bar has been fastened firmly together with larger higher rated fasteners. If you find that your door is not working properly please call us at: 604-940-8918

Torsion bar repaired with larger fasteners.

Drums with loose set screws are all repaired and cables are all refastened. Door is not working properly.


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