Single Spring Change Required Missing Center Bearing

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Single Spring Change Required Missing Center Bearing

During the disassembly of the broken spring it was discovered that there was a missing bearing. You can see the black pile of metal that has been ground from the torsion bar turning on the center bearing bracket.

You can see the metal power that has been collecting over time as the bar has ground over time.

Different angle of the ground pilings. You can see the black pile of powder that has pooling in the cone of the spring.

View of the torsion bar and the center bracket touching.

A excellent view of the inside of the spring and the position of the bearing bracket contacting.

You can see the black powder that has fallen down on the top strut. This could be your first indication that there may be a problem with our spring assembly. The technician was able to quickly discover the issue and resolve it before it back a safety issue.

After a bearing (plastic) has been added to the spring assembly. This plastic bearing (donut) will assure that the spring is centered on the bracket so that no safety concerns are invented.

After new spring has been installed and center bearing added to the assembly. You can still see the little groove in the bearing plate to serve as a reminder of the missing part. It was a good thing that this was discovered early before a safety issue came about.

A tight binding roller getting pinched along the track. This tight track / roller was causing some extreme sounds.

After the adjustment of the track. There is not a quarter inch gap that will allow the roller to slide inside the barrel nicely as the door rolls up and down. This door has been adjusted properly now and will provide the homeowner with some peace and sanctification.

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