White Rock Custom Wooden Garage Door Panel Replacement

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White Rock Custom Wooden Garage Door Panel Replacement

This garage door has a hockey puck hole in the bottom section of the door. This bottom section’s middle panel will require replacement. This door required custom panel wood working from our local door manufacture that had to custom make the panels. Once the panels were completed we were able to process the door accordingly.

Bottom section’s panel damage. You can see the hole is quite large. If you need custom wood working done on your garage door. Please call: 604-940-8918 and talk to one of our team members about your garage door issue.

Second door’s hole. This middle section has damage as well, which also will need replacement.

Close up view of the damage occurred to the door face. You can see the damage was caused by a object coming from the outside in.

Before the repairs are started. You can see the new panels that we have ready to go. You can also tell this door is a very old door that should almost be replaced. The owner of the house has the property for a rental investment and has made the decision to just repair the panels vs replace the whole door and assembly.

repaired panel from inside the garage

View of the repaired panel from the inside. Our installer was able to neatly replace the panel with out any issues. The replacement did take a few minutes of prep and finishing work.

View of garage door that has been repaired. Both garage doors have panel's replaced

After the garage door’s panels have been replaced. This door is ready for operation and will be waiting for the next homeowner’s children to play hockey.

After the repairs have been completed on the left garage door.

Close up view of the panel replacement, the garage door has a fresh panel that does look pretty brand new compared to the rest of the garage door.


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