LiftMaster Belt Drive with Alignment Correction

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LiftMaster Belt Drive with Trolley Alignment in Vancouver




Trolley boom on a angle that has not been adjusted yet.

You can see in the picture that the trolley has been adjusted and the end wall bracket has been moved higher. This was due to the initial framing of the door wall that was requiring more backing.

Pickup arm that has been improperly adjusted. This will be corrected.

View of trolley that has been mounted in a slightly wrong position.

Pickup Arm Adjustment that is needed to be altered so the lifting and lowering has no resistance.

View of bracket that needs to be altered.

You can see the wall bracket has been mounted with drywall that has broken away. This drywall issue will cause a wobble in the rail that will create unneeded sounds during the opening / closing.

View of the mounting position with extra wood backing that been added to the original mounting position.

View of extra backing that has been added so the trolley can be mounted properly. You can see the extra wood that has been added

View of bracket mounted with extra wood backing applied

After bracket has been added to the original hole with extra wood backing support. This extra backing will assure that the bracket will not wiggle or bind during movement.

View of bracket with extra fasteners applied.

Extra fasteners applied to the trolley bracket. This will hold for the lifetime of the garage door.

After Alignment of trolley has been adjusted. This was accomplished by the trolley bracket being mounted lower in the proper position.


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