Trolley Wall Bracket Support Needed In Richmond

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New Garage Door Motor installed in Richmond with Trolley Wall Bracket Support


After trolley wall bracket support has been applied to the assembly. You can see the wood that is now visible in the view.

Before new motor is installed. The customers gear ended up shredding apart from a heavy door.

Old view of wall a button. This is a momentary contact that will need to be updated for the new garage door motor.

Trolley end bracket that needs support. You can see the punched plate that was used to hold the garage door rail in place against the wall. There is heavy bending and flexing. This needs to be corrected.

Another view of the trolley bracket that is needed to be fixed before the new garage door motor is able to operate.

A in process picture of the view that shows no backing support for any assembly fasteners.

After extra backing has been applied to the wall for the end trolley to be mounted against. This will assure that the motor does not move during the lifting and closing of the door.

After end rail bracket has been properly fastened to the door wall. This extra backing is essential.

New Belt drive garage door motor that has taken the place of the chain drive motor that was once installed.

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