Old Garage Door Motor Replaced with LiftMaster Belt Drive in Vancouver

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Old Garage Door Motor Replaced with LiftMaster Belt Drive in Vancouver


Garage door motor that has a worn out gear in vancouver

Old Craftsman Garage Door motor with a worn out drive gear. You can see the plastic bits that are shredded off the white gear. This is a issue that will need to be fixed before your garage door will automatically lift / close again.

old garage door wall button mounted in a high position.

View of Old Wall button Control Panel.

Another view of the old garage door motor’s control panel mounted.

Old safety sensor that will be replaced with the new motor.

This is a dirty garage. I would suggest that before a motor is installed that you clean the garage.

View of garage that is full of clutter. You can see the old motor hanging with the cover off. The replacement of the garage door motor is the next project that will take place once the clutter is removed.

wood door that is smiling and shining light from a smiling position

This is a garage that has an abundance of extra material all about. You can see in the picture that there is light shining in on the corner of the garage. This light that comes in is a common occurrence when you have a wood door that has seen 25 years of life.

Wheelchair accessible wall button position.

Wall button that been mounted for a wheelchair accessible position. This is at 48″ and is easily reached from the wheel chair position.

Double car garage with a wood door and belt drive operator.

After New belt drive trolley has been installed. You can see the belt drive garage door motor has been installed.

Liftmaster garage door motor installed in Vancouver

LiftMaster Garage Door motor that has been installed. You can see the new duel lights and the neatened wiring. The extra lights will help in the dark when you arrive home in the pitch black of night.

photo eye sensor installed

After new photo eye sensors have been installed.

garage door right drum that has a unwanted gap that will been to be removed for a smooth noise free operation.

Right Drum correction. You can see the gap in the drum that will have to be removed for the door to not have any issues. The drum position was in the wrong spot, which caused the cables to rub along the wall of the drum. This constant wearing of the metal is quite serious. The cable will make a stretching sound during the last bit of the lift.

Right drum that has cable wear along the edge of the drum.

View of Cable Wear along edge of drum. This issue needs to be resolved before the door’s safety is compromised. The drum’s position has been corrected which will stop the cable from wearing away the drum. If you have concerns please call us at: 604-940-8918 and we can arrange for a technian to repair any garage door issues that you have.`

Technique showing the spring back wound so the right drum can be adjusted in safety.

View of the repair process of fixing the gap in the drum. This repair is a technical one that requires a trained professional to complete. DO NOT attempt to repair your garage door. Call a professional for any repair work that you require. Your life is important, don’t risk it.

End drum that has been adjusted so no more cable damage will occur.

After drum has been adusted. You can see that the cable has slack on the drum which shows that the springs still requires to be loaded. The previous picture shows the technique of taking the load off the spring. VERY dangerous. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FIX YOUR SPRINGS YOURSELF!

View of

View of where the technician has pre-scribed the drum and torsion bar so the repair can be completed and the alignment stays true. Once the drum has been loosened up the drum will be moved over and the little scribe aligned.

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