LiftMaster Motor Requires Gear Kit install for Garage Door to Lift Properly

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LiftMaster Motor Requires Gear Kit install for Garage Door to Lift Properly

Safety sensors not installed properly requiring repair. This was a issue with the homeowner for over a year, where the homeowners had to continually hold down the wall button to close the door. Once the photoeyes safety sensors are proper then the door will close properly.

Sloppy install of a garage door motor. This motor requires wiring repair for the door to work properly. You can see the wires are not in the proper position and are just hanging down unconnected.

View of smiling door that is in need of repair. This door has seen over 25 years of use and has the tell tale signs of the age by the light peering in on the corners. The cables are the cause of this, the insulated steel doors do not have this problem. Once your door has seen 25 years of life it is time for a renew. Please call us at: 604-940-8919 and we can talk to you about all garage door requests.

Bracket that has been over bent and in need of repair. You can see that the bracket has been over used and will be hammered out by our technician. This repair is a easy repair for our tech, if you see that there is a opening / closing issue with your door then you should call us.

Jam Bracket that is bent beyond it’s normal design specifications. If you see that you have parts that are bent then you should call us so we can assure that your door safe and secure. Your garage door is the heaviest moving thing in your house and it should be given as much care.

safety sensor issue with wooden garage door

Safety sensor that has been adjusted so that it can be mounted onto the track properly. This is a common mistake done by homeowners; install photo eyes incorrectly. The brackets have to be removed or they will catch on the edge of the wood doors assembly. A steel insulated door does not have this safety sensor issue. If you hear that your wood door is making sounds that it shouldn’t then that is a sign that you may have a issue with your garage door that is in need of attention.

Jam bracket hole that has been overly worn. The track bolt was worn away and rusted which caused the bracket to not fully hold the track in place as prescribed by the manufacture.

Track bolt that has to be replaced, this track bolt has been worn away and was causing a little rattle from it being too loose.

Garage door with no safety sensors working.

Photo sensor that is in need of a bit of adjustment. When our technician arrived on site both safety sensors where just dangling in the wind. The homeowner was having to hold the button on the wall until the door fully closes. Holding down the garage door wall button will allow the garage door motor to fully close without safety sensors.

strutt loose with fasteners requiring adjustment / tightening.

Wooden garage door with bottom fixtures that have been flexed. You can see the bottom strutt is not fastened properly on the door. This strutt is commonly used by kids (and adults) to close the door. This strutt can receive a boat load of abuse, if you find that your garage door is worn or damaged call us and we will have a door pro talk to you about your garage door.

Safety sensor that has been mounted without the standard clips. This sensor will now not wiggle or move around when the door comes close to it. The homeowner will not have to hold the button on the wall for the door to fully close anymore.

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