Heavy Garage Door Requiring Cable Adjustment

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Heavy Garage Door Requiring Cable Adjustment

overlay wood door with gap in the corner, smiling door

You can see that this wood door has a overlay / cladding layer that adds a huge amount of extra weight that the door has been installed with. A cable issue persisted over a year of time for the customer with out repair, this long period of time through four season of weather has made the door permanently flexed.

view of a reduced gap on a wood door with overlay in vancouver

After repairs you can see the gap has been reduced by a couple factors. There still is a gap but now the gap is equalized. The flexing is still persisting but the customer was more satisfied that the door is not letting in the neighbors cat.

view of inside a door that has four springs

view of inside the garage door that has sever flexing. This door is over thirty five years old and shows it’s time. The type of style is not a issue as the style is never seen from the front as the overlay is covering up the style. But the inside of the door does show the style.

View of the low overhead distance that can be quite crucial when installing a door. There are minimum amounts of clearances that are required for the door to operate properly.


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