Cracked Gear Box on a Old Stanley Requiring New LiftMaster Installation

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Cracked Gear Box on a Old Stanley Requiring New LiftMaster™ Installation in Surrey

Old Springs that broke from exsessive use. Springs will last 10,000 cycles, which is a minimum of 3 years of use. On average you will get a average of 7-8 years of use.

Gear box that has a crack in the enclosure that will cause the operator from not traveling properly. This is a issue with the older operators that do not have a safety over load protection on the travel limit system. Users of the older motors adjust the settings and cause a over travel of the door. With no overload protection something has to break and in a result the motor will break. This is a serious issue because a motor with no safety protection is a safety concern for your family. Someone will get hurt or a door will receive damage.

After a new installation of a LiftMaster Garage Door operator. This is a modern motor with new security and safety systems. This garage door opener has a WiFi system that will allow you to have unlimited remote access devices. Chain drive garage door opener.

After spring change has been completed. This is a set of springs that are needed to be replaced at the same time. You will only usually see one of the springs that are broken but actually both springs are damaged. Call us at: 604-890-8918 and we can discuss any garage door repair questions / concerns that you have.

Stanley garage door motor after the inner gear has been broken. The chain sprocket ended up breaking off as well, making the chain sag. If you see a chain sagging like in the picture you will most likely have a broken part. This is a common symptom of a motor that is compromised. Call us at: 604-890-8918 and we can talk to you about your garage door issues.

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