Old Genie Garage Door Opener Failed in Vancouver

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Old Genie Garage Door Opener Failed from a cracked gear enclosure in Vancouver


Old Genie Wall button requires removal as the new garage door opener has a different electrical system / security. In almost all cases a new motor will not work with the old wall button hardware.

View of old Safety Photoeye requiring replacement with new LiftMaster Safety Photoeyes – You can see the wires all jumbled up.

New Motor mounted with a Eight foot trolley. This new garage door opener has WiFi integrations so extra remotes can be installed through your phone. This new opener has a belt drive which results in a new and smooth operation. Call us at: 604-940-8918 and we can figure out all your garage door concerns.

Wall button that has been replaced with a new LiftMaster Control Panel. There are many new options compared to the old wall button. You can see the safety sticker has been applied that should be looked at when you can. There are important instructions on the safety sticker that should be read and followed to ensure you safety. Call us if you need help.

New Safety photo eyes mounted where the old safety eyes were installed. YOu can see the new design is a nice and slick black vs the old square pattern.

Cracked Gear box will stop the garage door opener from properly lifting the garage door as requested. You will find that a cracked enclosure has a high chance of failure during a cold day. This motor became damaged the morning after a huge winter snow storm. Everything was super cold and the age of the motor and cold weather all stacked up and caused failure.

Double spring assembly broke from excessive use. You can see in the picture that old Stanley Trolley has a flex / chain sag.

View of spring that is damaged and needs replacement. During a spring change both springs need to be replaced. Call s at 604-890-8918 and we can talk to you about your garage door repairs.

Stanely motor that is exposed. The trolley has been flexed from the heavy door over the years. The heavy door bent the boom (trolley rail that extends from the motor to the wall) which you can see in the picture. This can cause a jerky / movement.

Old stanley wall button that looks like a door bell button. You acn see the soft orange glow from the wall button that signals that the door’s motor is ready.

LiftMaster wall button that is mounted in a new location from the previous installation.

LiftMaster opener that has been freshly installed in-place of the old Stanley. This is a very modern motor that has WiFi and enhanced security features. You can see the yellow antenna that is sticking out of the motor.

View of track and bottom of door that does not have safety photo eyes. This is a serious issue when you are walking down the road of selling your house and your home inspector rejects the sale of your home.

Photo eye mounted on track that has never had photo eyes. These photo eyes are standard on any new installation that has been installed since 1994.

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