Burnaby Garage renovation requires complete door to be dismantled

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Burnaby Garage Door  Requires Dismantling for Renovation

A Burnaby homeowners renovation required a complete dismantling of there garage door so their renovation could continue.  The process of dismantling a garage door should only be performed by a skilled professional.  You will see in the pictures that the garage door assembly has many large parts that are expensive to replace.   This door has a double track hardware system that is designed for situations where a garage door will have  to operate with minimal headroom.  A low ceiling will usually always require special hardware to accommodate the assembly of the garage door.

Burnaby home with a garage door assembly requiring dismantling

Un-assembled Garage Door with spring fully tension-ed.

View of Inside Garage Door that is about to be taken apart.

View of inner garage door in Burnaby side view.

Side View of the inner garage door assembly in Burnaby

After Removal of Garage Door

The technician dismantled the garage door carefully and avoided any damage from the releasing of tension from the spring assembly.  During removal of the door, the hardware was kept organized so reassembly of the door after renovations is painless.  During reassembly there will be some adjustments that will need to be performed so that the door will run as designed.  It is common practice during reassembly to have the limits of the motor re calibrated.  The limits assure that the door will only stop at the designated positions.

After Garage door assemnbly has been taken apart and dismantled in Burnaby

After Garage door assembly has been taken apart and dismantled

After garage door is taken down and removed from opening

After garage door and operator is taken down and removed from opening


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