Surrey Garage Door Strut loose & causing unwanted noise

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Surrey Garage Door in need of service

This booked service call entailed service to a Surrey garage door. The garaged door needed regular maintenance, you can see the strut that is loose and in need of adjustment. The whole door had issues of loose nuts from temperature changes. Wood doors have issues with expansion and contraction due to seasonal variations. Moisture will cause a wood garage door to swell during the winter months, and during the summer the door will shrink. The garage door’s shrinking will cause all the hinges to become loose. Wood doors require bi-annual service calls to assure that the door is not going to damage your automatic garage door motor.

Strut clip

Strut loose and about to fall off left hinge.

Strut in proper position with clip properly attached.

Stut repaired and secured against the door. Noise was eliminated.

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