Garage Door Cables Unspooled from Drum – Unsafe Garage Door in Vancouver – Cables Off

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Safe Vancouver Garage door becomes dangerous because of cables.

This booked service called was a result from cables being unwound from the drums.  A smooth running garage door is a result of the cables being properly set. During a garage door cycle the cables are responsible for assuring that the door is lifted and lowered with under complete control. You will see in the pictures the unsafe situation that is created when the cables are not wound properly on the drum.  Cables that have incorrect tensions applied will unwind from the drum and cause the door to look like it is coming up on a angle.

If you ever see a drum with cables that are looking like this please call - 604-940-8918

Cables unwound / Unspooled / Cables off / Very unsafe and in need of service

Left Drum of garage door with cables set in a very loose position.

Left Drum showing cables in a very unsafe position. Cables are about to unspool from drum.

Drum with properly set cables in Vancouver

Drum with properly set cables in Vancouver


Drums need to be setup properly to assure safe garage door operation.

Drums that are setup properly will have no cable slack present when looking at them. You always want the cable to be exerting tension against the drum, so that the cables have no chance in jumping off their grooves.

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