Booked Service Call – Dangerous End Bearing Plate Safety Issue

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Fixed End Bearing Plate that was a safety issue.


This booked service call had a track correction safety issue that needed to be adjusted before someone could be hurt.  This issue will cause lots of unwanted noise coming from the top corner of the door.  The End bearing plate should be pressed tightly against the drum to avoid any slipping.  The garage door in Surrey needed to be serviced with a panel replacement, and during the panel replacement this bearing issue was discovered.


End Bearing Plate incorrectly installed caused bearing to slip away from torsion bar.

End Bearing plate is almost about to let the torsion bar drop.

Bearing plate needs adjustment showing safety concern

End Bearing plate showing huge gap from slipped away track support

Bearing plate with no gap and saftey issues.

Corrected end bearing plate. Correction showing no gap and track support in proper position.


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