Sandstone Colored Therma Tech T118 Insulated Steel Door Installed in Central Surrey

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Therma Tech T118 Insulated Steel Door with Sandstone Finish Installed in Central Surrey

With this install we were working with a Sandstone colored Therma Tech T118 Insulated Steel Door.  The customers  previous garage door removed so we were just working with installing this new garage door and reconnecting his current garage door opener. Our customer also chose to have a wireless digital entry installed which allows access to the garage door from the outside.  A wireless keypad opening the door is easily done, it only takes entering in a four digit code from the outside from the keypad. Once we had the new garage door installed we performed our general service package that makes sure all hardware is balanced and aligned.  During the general service work our technicians always perform a full lubrication of all the bearings and gears.   The technicians finished the job with a through testing of the safety system for smooth operation.

After Install

Therma Tech T118 Insulated Steel Door in Sandstone

Therma Tech T128 – Before And After – 2016 Install

Therma Tech T108 – Contemporary Flush Face Panels – 2017 Install

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