Chain Drive Garage Door Gear Failure in Vancouver

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Chain Drive Garage Door Gear Failure in Vancouver

View of inside a garage door motor that has a damaged gear. This gear has seen better days and will need to be replaced. When a gear becomes shreded like it is shown in the picture, the motor will not be able to lift or lower the door. Your door requires repair. Please call: 604-940-8918

view of gear kit that has been heavily damaged.

Close us view of the gear that has been destroyed from a heavy door. A garage door does require the springs to be properly balanced. When a door is balanced the door will be able to be lifted with just two fingers. This behavior is of a door that is proper and will not cause damage to the motor.

View of the replacement gear kit that will assure that the garage door motor will keep on lifting and lowering as requested.

after the gear has been replaced. You can see that his gear has been greased and ready for use. This picture is not the clearest but you can see that the gear has been replaced with a solid one with all the teeth in excellent conditions.


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