Two Single Car Garage Doors with Long Panel Windows

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Garage Door with Vertically Stacked Windows on Both Garage Doors

You will see that this homeowner decided on getting his garage door with vertically stacked windows on side of garage door that will offer area more light garage nice filtered light. These garage doors are of white style and have the factory finish that is paint ready.  These doors have insulation that is able to keep out the weather. We also make sure that all our doors have weather stripping applied to the doors for extra insulated protection.

view of two garage door openings that have no garage doors installed yet.

Before the garage doors have been installed, you will see that these two openings are the size for a single car. Both garage doors are a standard 9×7 size. This house did not have a garage orignally when the house was built. With close inspection you can see the teal colored siding inside the garages wall. This car port has been added on and will be a great addition to the house once the doors are functioning.

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