SteelCraft Garage Door Operator Replacement with LiftMaster

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SteelCraft Garage Door Operator Replacement with LiftMaster

Belt drive that is about to be installed and shows the grease that is on the drive sprocket.

Brand new LiftMaster Belt drive operator that has been removed from the box. On first inspection the manufacture will gob on some grease around the drive sprocket. This grease will make sure that the belt won’t squeak during the lifting / lowering of the garage door.

View of installed garage door motor in replacement of the stealcraft.

After the install of the garage door operator you can see the owner will be happy, as high quality components is what the homeowner requires to match the other operator.

Sensors that have been installed, where for over 25 years no sensors existed. This garage door has now been upgraded for the current building code that requires that a safety sensor be installed on the automatic moving door.

view of two liftmaster belt drive wall buttons

Newly installed garage door wall button. Now the garage has matching garage door motors that will assure that the homeowner doesn’t have any weird compatibility issues that may arise. He now also has both garage doors working on the same keypad and remotes.

Before the new garage door motor has been installed, This old model has security issues and also no safety protection. This safety protection make sure that the garage door doesn’t lower onto the 100,000 dollar car that the owner has parked.

Before the new safety sensors are installed. You can see the other door has the safety sensors but the door on the right does not.

Before the new LiftMaster wall button has been installed. The old operator has the SteelCraft wall button that will need to be removed and replaced with modern equipment.

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