Garage Door vs Car Leaving Public Parking Spot in Delta

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Garage Door vs Car Leaving Public Parking Spot

You can see the sections edge that has the crease / bend from the vehicle that backed into the door. The homeowner discovered the damage during the morning when they woke up. Upon seeing the damage there was a lots of concern on if this kind of damage is repairable. The door is a Semi-Insulated Steel door which is very light and has Characteristics that don’t take car hits too well.

Side profile of the Car Vs Door . You can see the depression in the door with proper inspection. The seam edge is more noticeable then the big depressions. The white door and the depressions are so gradual where it takes a bit of focus to really see the pressed in areas.

Section that has been repaired from the dents. The technician was able to tap out the damage from the door vs car situation. There was still a depression of the section that was unable to fully straighten. But the door was able to close and open without any issues after the seams was repaired.

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