Parkade Infill for Surrey Apartment Underground Parking Area

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Parkade Infill for Surrey Underground Parking

surrey wall infill

After the infill separation wall has been installed. You can see the black barrier is highly secure and will provide the security that is needed.

After infill has been installed from another view.

View of the corner of parade that now has a wall of protection. Once the gate has been installed the parking will be secure.

View of corner of infill after it has been installed. You can see the black finish that the infill has. This black finish has been factory finished. Custom colors are available. Black is by far the most common color.

View showing the level gap that is under the infill. There is a One inch gap that keeps the infill barrier centered in the opening.

The infill barrier that has been installed in a area that needs the extra level of security.

Anchor bolts holding infill barrier in place with one inch seperators

Corner of infill barrier that has been installed. You can see the bolt that holds the infill barrier in place. This bolt is anchored into the concrete wall. These bolts will withstand 1000’s of pounds of force before breaking.

After the infill has been installed.

Far edge of infill barrier that will need to have some extra bracing to close the gap that continues along the edge of the barrier.

If you would a quote for a custom parkade please call us at: 604-940-8918

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