Track Jam Bracket Requiring Replacement

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Photo Eye Sensors Causing Door Not to Close Properly

View of bracket that is heavily bent.

Track Bracket that is heavily bent. This bending has caused the door to not operate and travel properly. This can be problematic and over time this bracket may have slowly bent more and more. A technician can remount a new bracket and establish a smooth running door.

View of bracket that has been removed from the garage door.

View of bracket that has been bent from door usage. This bracket is needing to be bent back into shape before mounting it back to the track.

View of track bracket that has been removed.

a new bracket that is compared to the bent bracket. This bracket will reestablish the track in a position where the door will not bind against the facia / wall / opening.

view of new bracket installed. This keeps the door sensors aligned and door not from binding

Bracket that has been applied to the garage door track. This new bracket will hold the sensor and track in a position where no extra wear and tear will not occur. This track will not wobble any more and throw the sensors out of alignment as the door travels


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