Double Spring Change Vancouver

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Double Spring Change Vancouver

View of a broken spring that needs to be replaced

Broken spring on right side has gap showing. This is the cause of the door not to lift. You need both springs working for the door to open and close properly. This is quite serious. If you try to open your door to many times with a broken spring you will damage your motor.


View of repaired double spring change

Replaced springs that have the door back in working shape. This repair is common and needed for a garage door to work automatically again. Please call us at: 604-890-8918


Top fixture that has a slight bend in the metal. This can cause sounds during the lift that are not normal. If you see that you have any parts that are not looking normal please call us and we can

View of top fixture that has been aligned.

Top Fixture that has been realigned ontop of the base of the fixture.

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