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Garage Door Operator Requiring Gear Kit in Vancouver

View of gear after install with lubrication

After Gear Kit Installed with gear. You can see the grease on the gears. The grease that has been applied is essential for a gear to not over heat from friction. If no grease is applied then the gear will melt down in under a week of use.

View of gear that has been destroyed from overuse and a heavy door.

Before gear kit has been installed. You will see the heavy vinyl shavings over the gear. This is a serious issue that will stop your door from opening or closing with the motor. We can repair this problem in a short visit. Please call us at: 604-890-8918 and we can assign a technician to repair your motor.

View of garage door motor that has a gear that needs to be replaced.

Gear that has been destroyed from over use / heavy door. This needs to be replaced so the motor will continue lifting and lowering your door.

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